A building that housed the treasury of Athens. It contained the bronze (chalkos) and other metal possession of the treasury, and was located adjacent to the south wall, a little to the southwest of the Parthenon. Kimon built it about the same time as the Brauroneion.

A lengthy inventory inscription of the contents of the Chalcotheke reads:

“…the great lampstand for the Theoxenia; bronze trays; lion base; round trays; large kylix; footbasin; lekane; large krater 2 large bronze braziers; bronze chous; large lebetes; others small; lebetia; echinos; karchesia; 3 strainers; 2 cups; kylix; kothon; kissyphion; coller; large and small kyathos; large censer; another small; 18 spits; stand; large silver lampstand; bronze lampstand and statue from it; stone-fastened crab; stand; bronze lotharion; small hydria; handcuffs; 3 shield blazons: dolphin, eagle, horse; kesterion; iron from wheel; bronze kothons; 11 korai from the baskets; 5 stamps; discus; 2 helmets from statues; iron comb; bronze with wheel; bronze wheel; 4 crests from the statues; gorgoneion; paraboliskoi fo the tetracycle; 4 iron calyxs; 2 thermastes, one with chain; talent weight; zomerysis; 4 small bronze figures. “ (Delian Inscriptions)


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