Nikopolis Archaeological Museum

Photo Gallery

  • The museum opened in 2011 to host

    artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine ears, which were unearthed in the excavations in the vicinity of ancient Nikopolis. It is located just to the north of Preveza town in Epiros, Greece.

  • Semi-circular marble base with low relief depicting gods from the Greek pantheon. Found at the Monument of Augustus and it is believed that it was part of the decorations of the Altar of Apollo.
  • The above relief in flattened view as presented at the museum. From left to right it depicts: Athena, Hercules, Hera or Hebes, Three Graces or Nymphs, Hermes, Leto, Artemis, Apollo.
  • Two marble statues: Aphrodite Urania (left), and Athena Orator (Δημηγορουσης). 2nd c. CE
  • Roman pedestal of a statue with a relief depiction of a battle with amazons. 1st - 2nd c. CE.
  • The above pedestal was used in Byzantine times as an ambo in Basilica B in Nikopolis, and the marble relief was covered with a Christian mosaic with figures of saints. 5th - 6th c. CE.