Eleusis (Elefsina) Museum

Eleusis (Ελευσίς) Archaeological Museum is a small museum, located on the low hill above the Telesterion. It shelters artifacts unearthed in the the excavations in the surrounding site, ranging in age from Neolithic to Byzantine times.

Photo Gallery

  • Stone age statuettes (left) and with depiction from the Odyssey: Odysseus and his men driving a stake into the Cyclops' eye. Proto-Attic amphora from the West Cemetery. 7th c BC.
  • Fleeing maiden. Female statue from the pediment of the Sacred House. 490-480 BCE.
  • Archaic Kouros (left), 6th c. BCE; and Statue of Demeter, attributed to the sculptor Agorakritos' workshop. Circa 420 BCE. (right)
  • Persephone Kore (Roman copy - left); Statue of Asklepios dedicated by Epicrates son of Pamphilos. 320 BCE; Hellenistic nude male statue.
  • Kore with Ionian himation and chiton. 4-3 c. BCE (left); headless statue (center); Archaistic statue of maiden carrying a bowl (right).
  • Bust of Athena emerging from lotus (left); Statue of Antinoos, in the tip of Asklepios or Dionysos, 2nd c. BCE (center); Caryatid from the Lesser Propylaia. Late 1st c. BCE (right);
  • Large amphorae from the Geometric period.