Acropolis Pictures

  • The Parthenon, The Erechtheion, The PropylaeaThe ParthenonPropylaia picturePicture of the Caryatids porch
  • Odeion of Herod AtticusOdeion of Herod Atticus (exterior)
    The Odeion is a Roman Era construction, and commands the south slope of the Acropolis Rock
  • Odeion of Herod AtticusOdeion of Herod Atticus (interior)
    The structure is still used regularly today for concerts and other cultural events
  • The Propylaea
    The Doric columns of the Acropolis Propylaea. Propylaia photoPropylaia picture
  • Picture of the Parthenon's east facadePicture of the east pediment superimposed on the ParthenonThe Parthenon East facade, with a replica of the east Pediment superimposed to provide an approximation of the original. Missing are the vivid colors and other decorations.
  • Parthenon picturePicture of the Parthenon with west pedimentThe Parthenon West facade with a replica of the pediment superimposed.
  • Parthenon Views Picture of Parthenon detailPicture of the Parthenon's south endParthenon peristyle picture
  • Picture of Dionysus TheaterThe Theatre of Dionysus
    Dating from the 5th c. BCE, the theatre is among the most historic ones. It is located on the south slope of the Acropolis.
  • Picture of the east peidment of the ParthenonDetail of the Parthenon's East Pediment with a replica of the statue of Dionysus and the horses of Helios (Sun) emerging from below the horizon to mark the day of Athena's birth (original statues in the British Museum).
  • Parthenon east pediment Detail of the North end of the East Pediment of the Parthenon. Replicas of the horses of Selene, tired from the night's journey, descent below the horizon (original statues in the British Museum).
  • Picture of marble inscriptionGreek text carved on marble. One of the countless inscriptions and marble fragments scattered about the acropolis
  • Parthenon picture of the north east columnView of the North-East corner of the Parthenon from below. Visible in this view: the horses of Selene, the lion's head waterspout, guttae, triglyphs, severely damaged metopes, and marble corrosion -from air pollution-, bellow the architrave.
  • caryatids pictureIonic columns of the ErechtheionThe Erectheion
    The Caryatid Porch and the ionic coluns of the two porches (the north and the south). The Caryatid sculpturs on the Erectheion are exact replicas. Five of the six original sculptures are protected from air polution in the Acropolis Museum, and one is housed in the British Museum.
  • The Erectheion KaryatidsPicture of the Caryatids porch and the south wall of the ErechtheionEast end of the Erechtheion
  • Picture of the marble Athena. Marble copy of the statue of the Parthenon.The Chryselephantine statue of Athena.
    This statue from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is widely accepted as a close replica of the original gold and ivory statue that adorned the interior of the Parthenon.